Blogbericht - Monika Bhargav, Sep 4 2017

Why AI is redefining the traditional User Interface

Why AI is redefining the traditional User Interface

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. AI will quickly become more than a basic technology; it will invade intelligent enterprises and advance to an essential tool for daily routine of people - both customers and employees. Focus on customer experience, and conversations and the technology will follow.

The Evolving Role of AI

AI is making its way to conventional decision-making. Ecommerce sites are today able to drive conversations with their users individually via AI. Involvement of the ecommerce companies through predictive analysis and contextual messaging helps in understanding the request. As intelligent enterprises integrate AI technologies into their systems, customers and employees will expect even more from these interactions.

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of two similar, yet distinct practices across the enterprise:

  • Modern engineering methods, such as agile and DevOps, have completely rewired our approach to software development, product lifecycles, and the speed we go to market with new products, services and solutions.
  • Design thinking is helping businesses adopt a deeply human-centric viewpoint, redefining why and what they should be building in the first place.

It’s time for enterprises to start to combine design thinking principles with their modern engineering teams and projects. Think of it as design-driven engineering, or what we call “DesignOps.”

Organisations will need to build up a culture, mind-set and business model ready for a DesignOps revolution, where everyone is focused on the user and value. Any product, service or solution not created with the deeply human-centric, situation-centric insights of design thinking will not last long.

AI will be the single most important enabler of digital success. It will become the public face of an organisation’s digital brand and a key differentiator in an ever more crowded, complex and unpredictable business and social environment.

That is the view of leading global professional services company, Accenture, in its Technology Vision 2017 report. Those organisations that effectively embrace AI will thrive, while late adopters will, almost certainly, fail.

In summary, enterprises that embrace AI as the new UI and experience layer, powered by situational centricity, and take a DesignOps approach will be ready for the AI world. Contact us to find out more.