Blogbericht - Hugh Fletcher, Jun 21 2018

Zero UI and the Future of Online Retail

Zero UI and the Future of Online Retail

Hugh Fletcher, Global Head of Consultancy and Innovation at Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce Company, recently discussed with IMRG the anticipated status of voice assistants in 2018 as the trend that will have the biggest impact on retailers and shoppers. Shoppers are becoming more accustomed to devices that can do everything from reading out the news, ordering their groceries and telling them the weather.

As companies are beginning to invest in voice technology, Hugh discussed what brands need to consider to ensure they are preparing for the new voice-oriented way of shopping, including:

  • 1)Voice technology isn’t new – we’ve been using it for longer than we think
  • 2)Don’t submit to Amazon’s will – look at them for inspiration
  • 3)Zero UI is the future, but the future will continue to evolve

To find out more about the future of Zero UI and online retail, read Hugh’s full report to discover why brands and retailers cannot ignore the prominent force of voice in retail, and the need to change their eCommerce strategy

Read Hugh's report