A mobile-First approach to improve cX in b2b

Häfele is an internationally corporation with headquarters in Nagold, Germany. The business was founded in 1923 and serves the furniture industry, architects, planners, joiners / cabinet makers as well as dealers in over 150 countries. Häfele develops and produces in both Germany and Hungary. In 2018 the company reached a revenue of 1.4 billion euro. Back by 7,800 employees in 37 subsidiaries, Häfele’s success formula is based on personal contact, expertise, reliability and fast delivery tailored to the customer. Today their well-known service continues across their online channels.

The Challenge
Häfele was looking to offer their customers the same user experience and functionalities on their online store on both desktop and mobile devices.

Another challenge for Wunderman Thompson Commerce was the rollout of additional functionalities at the same time as the new website design. This needed to be realised in collaboration with Häfele’s current suppliers.

The Solution
Wunderman Thompson Commerce delivered a new, mobile-first design on Häfele’s existing Intershop eCommerce platform. To keep Häfele’s content management system (CMS) running at optimum, a transparent integration with an external CMS was implemented as an add-on.

The Result
This development has resulted in significantly improved customer experience for Häfele’s customers shopping on mobile devices. In addition, thanks to this solution, Häfele is now able to develop new functionalities for their customers much faster.

The next step for us is to work together with Häfele on improving customer experience by using customer-oriented survey tools such as user testing, customer journeys and user data analytics. In this new phase of the programme, Wunderman Thompson Commerce and Häfele will collaborate on several projects to further enhance customer experience.

We are happy with the project and can definitely call it a success story. We are pleased with the support provided by Wunderman Thompson Commerce, and the challenge of working together with a third partner has turned out very well.