Black Friday 2018 update - 12.00pm

Black Friday 2018 update - 12.00pm

In the second update of the day from Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce company, here are the latest statistics on Black Friday from its analytics hub in the UK.

This data shows results between midnight and 12:00pm today:

  • 77% of traffic is coming via mobile devices
  • 23% of traffic is coming via desktop devices
  • 64% of transactions came from mobile devices
  • 36% of transactions came from desktop devices
  • Traffic has been highest between 9:00am and 12:00pm at 41%
  • 13% increase in social-driven shopping compared to Black Friday 2017
  • Female shopper traffic dominates at 68%
  • The majority of shoppers (41%) are falling between the ages of 25-34
  • Compared to Black Friday 2017, we’ve seen some clients experiencing over 50% growth in international visitor traffic

Look out for our last update later today with the latest figures from Salmon’s Black Friday analytics hub.