Persbericht - Jos van Hemert, Nov 23 2018

Black Friday 2018 Update - 9.00am

Black Friday 2018  Update - 9.00am

With Black Friday in full swing, Salmon, a Wunderman Commerce company, has released its latest results from its Black Friday analytics hub in the UK.

In the first of our three round ups today, here are the Black Friday updates in the UK so far between midnight and 9:00am:

  • 85% of traffic is coming via mobile devices
  • 15% of traffic is coming via desktop devices
  • 76% of transactions came from mobile devices
  • 24% of transactions came from desktop devices
  • 00:00-01:00am was the busiest period with 87% of visits coming from a mobile device
  • 76% of transactions came from a mobile device. We expect this to decrease as consumers arrive to work

Bargain hunters stayed up late – with 40% of all visits between midnight and 6am taking place in the first hour (midnight to 1am). There was a lull between 02:00am and 05:00am, before traffic peaked again at 06:00am

Salmon’s research this year revealed consumers in the UK would spend on average £90 this Black Friday, with the 25-35 age range splashing more cash than anyone else (£154). Salmon’s Analytics Hub figures show that on average basket values are £116.

Look out for our updates later today with the latest figures from Salmon’s Black Friday analytics hub.