Put an end to store queueing

It goes without saying that the current Covid-19 climate is still a major challenge for consumers and businesses alike. As we re-emerge from lockdown, the new normal feels anything but normal especially for shoppers. For supermarkets, banks and any business with a store, a key friction point remains – the need to queue. It’s inconvenient, inefficient, frustrating and unnerving for customers waiting in line. This new solution changes all this in an instant, benefiting customers and your business, whilst supporting social distancing.

Introducing the store traffic management solution

Wunderman Thompson Commerce's traffic management solution is fully digital, it easily integrates with your current website, and can be up-and-running in 2 weeks, providing every customer with a prioritised time slot for entry. By reducing the potential for large external queues, it promotes customer and safety social distancing - and puts you back in control.

It’s the perfect way to manage the flow of store visitors and offers an excellent customer experience. Managed digitally, customers can select store locations and reserve a date and time slot to suit. There are a variety of options and features to suit just the way your business operates – contact us for more detail.

Enhancing your customers' experience in just 2 weeks

Supports customer safety and social distancing

Puts your customer back in charge of store visit times

Flexible, scalable solution that's quick and easy to implement with your desktop and mobile solution

Fully digital, with features and options to suit your business

Provides data on store traffic as well as marketing opportunities

This solution has been designed to help any business with a physical presence; from supermarkets to banks to automotive and beyond. It can be rapidly implemented and offers stores a more convenient and dignified way of treating customers whilst enhancing their safety.

Elizabeth Hess

Client Services, Wunderman Thompson Commerce