addressing The leading questions FOR brands today

With our 30 years' experience in empowering digital commerce for leading organisations, certain questions from clients consistently rise above all others:

  • How do we accelerate our eCommerce growth?
  • What capabilities do we need to win in eCommerce?
  • Should we sell on Amazon?
  • Are we focussing on the right initiatives?
  • Are we organised the right way to deliver our eCommerce vision?

That's why Wunderman Thompson Commerce developed a framework which allows us to quickly assess where the biggest opportunities lie for a brand, and how they can overcome the challenges that are slowing down their digital ambitions.

Introducing the Strategic Assessment Framework...

How it works

Our Strategic Framework is a structured and proven approach to profiling your brand ambition - what do you want to achieve, and why?

In conjunction with the brand ambition, we need to understand customer behaviour and the market including the online presence, purpose and mix of competitors.

We consider best practice - are your brands following online selling principles across all channels where they are available?

We look at organisational capabilities - is your business set up for online success, and does it have the right people, tools and process in place to delver on its eCommerce ambition?

All of this is underpinned by analytics and data - and we do it across the leading online channels.

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A balanced strategy is vital to support multiple routes to market

Through digital commerce, brand manufacturers have the option of multiple routes to market. Our experience tells us that brands often find it tricky to work out where to invest their limited resources, time and budget.

And that's the purpose of our Strategic Assessment Framework; defining and guiding the focus for brands, giving them direction, identifying the priorities - and barriers - to address to accelerate growth. Fast.

Contact us today for more detail and to discuss how this new service can both shape and inspire online success for your business.

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key stages of a proven approach

  1. Information analysis
    Download, review and analyse existing content assets
  2. Brand immersion
    Stakeholder interviews and workshops to explore brand positioning, markets, competitors, target consumers and much more
  3. Channel assessment
    Evaluation and analyses across D1C, Retailer, Marketplaces and Social channels
  4. Inspiring your teams
    Inspiration session for senior leadership and stakeholders on eCommerce trends, digital category and competitor landscape, and tech innovation
  5. Prioritise recommendations
    Workshop to present recommendations and prioritise initiatives
  6. Sharing roadmap
    Playback presentation to stakeholders on proposed solutions plus recommended roadmap for each brand

In today’s digital-first climate, many organisations approach eCommerce as a land grab opportunity for their brands. This strategic assessment provides a much-needed framework to analyse, build and maximise the potential of brands in a structured and balanced manner so they can perform strongly on digital channels

Shalina Ganatra

Senior Consultant, Wunderman Thompson Commerce