Anna Rumsey

Quality Assurance Test Lead, VK - Watford

On a day-to-day basis, my job involves hands-on work with the ecommerce sites we create. While there are many facets to testing, fundamentally the purpose of my role is to ensure confidence in the quality of our work.

What attracted me to Wunderman Thompson Commerce is the prestigious client base, which in itself is testament to the quality of the company and the work produced. As an employer, Wunderman Thompson Commerce also came highly recommended to me by people I already knew who worked here. I get a buzz out of producing quality work alongside great workmates.

I think the next big thing in digital in the immediate future is social videos; this is a huge resource that is currently being tapped into and will continue to be appropriated for marketing and advertising purposes. In the long term I see a lot of potential in Virtual and Augmented Reality technology. In our age of bigger, better and more realism, VR and AR really has the ‘IT’ factor.

My 21st- century problem is when you open a Facebook message before you’re ready to reply to them. If I could have a super-power it would be shape shifting. I don’t really need to explain why that would be an amazing super-power to have. If I could put something into Room 101 it would be The Twilight Series – films and books.