Atul Jain

Director of Engineering, EMEA, Nederland

As Director of Engineering, my role here is, using technology as the primary enabler, ensuring that people, process and tools are aligned to focus on software quality, engineering productivity and engineering culture across the organisation.

What initially attracted me to Wunderman Thompson Commerce was the opportunity to work with a highly talented team on an international level. Everyone is so enthusiastic in helping customers realise their ecommerce ambitions. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of delivering solutions to our customers based on their business challenges.

I think the next big thing in digital will be the Internet of Things! In the last few decades, humans have been connected to the Internet, which moved civilisation forward at a fast pace. The next few decades will be about connecting ‘things’ to the Internet, which will empower ‘things’ and save humans time. People can then spend more time on creativity, design and technology to bring civilization to the next level. Thankfully technologies that surround the cloud and data have created strong foundations to support these ambitions.

My 21st-century problem is a paradox of choices! In the 21st-century, we have so many choices for everything. Having too many choices brings paralysis rather than freedom. It also provides less satisfaction because we always feel that we are missing out on the other options. I hope cognitive technology will help us to solve this issue.

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