Kathryn Rutherford

Customer Experience Consultant, Nederland

As a Customer Experience Consultant, I am working to unify and expand the services of the customer experience team across our offices - expanding our expertise and bringing in industry best practice processes for servicing our clients. I also serve clients strategically to help answer their user’s needs and, as a consequence, grow their businesses.

I was attracted to working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce as it is transitioning as a business in a very interesting way right now. I see this as a challenge and an opportunity to bring my expertise to a new market. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce , I get a buzz out of bringing the teams together and expanding our problem-solving capabilities.

I think the next big thing in digital is machine learning. I am very interested in AI’s growing ability to perform basic marketing analyses. I think this will create interesting challenges within our industry to stay ahead of the algorithms!

My 21st-century problem is that I have a tendency to be always checking my phone for updates. I am trying to reduce this and appreciate other, old-school ways to take in information.

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