Minos Makris

Head of Marketing Content, VK - Watford

I develop marketing content and collateral across channels and media to raise the profile of Wunderman Thompson Commerce and improve engagement with our clients. We’re making a name for ourselves through thought leadership – and have done so with authenticity, with all our content being written inhouse by our teams, who’ve typically spent a lot of time client-side.

I have a background in marketing in telecoms, retail, and consultancy across both B2B and B2C, with experience in digital strategy, content development, customer experience and brand development – all of which is very useful at Wunderman Thompson Commerce.

Why Wunderman Thompson Commerce? Some of the most exciting things in digital are happening at Wunderman Thompson Commerce. It’s an exhilarating place to be - you can move fast, create quickly and make a difference in real time. It’s an enabling environment - across the board the people are passionate, inspired and inspiring.

I reckon the next major development we can expect in digital will be personalised marketing at scale, mining Big Data. Treat them with respect (don’t go creepy) and millennials are comfortable sharing personal data.

My 21st century problem? Where d’you start? OK Snapchat. How counter-intuitive can something be, but the kids love it, this month it seems. It’s second nature to my niece, who’s promised to write the how-to guide. Then again maybe I should just upgrade from iPhone 4.

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