Andy Jones

Director of Customer Experience, UK, UK - Watford

I co-ordinate and run our CX internal team. I’m its representative at board level, and I work for, and pitch to, clients around our customer experience propositions – everything from developing multichannel strategies, design and development through to continuous optimisation of installed solutions, including content management and web analytics.

I joined Wunderman Thompson Commerce because it was a great opportunity to work as a front-end developer in ecommerce. Helping people to create a frictionless customer experience – that’s a really satisfying feeling. That’s why I think the Next Big Thing in my field is going to be conversational commerce – the ability to send texts to order products or services, so we can have conversations with shops or brands that are important to us.

My tech bugbear is email. We all get so many nowadays. I’m a bit OCD with my inbox and I use it as my to-do list, so I don’t like it filling up. I have a low-tech bugbear too. It’s clingfilm. That stuff is the devil.

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