Nabs Lilley

Business Analyst, UK - Watford

My role as Business Analyst involves identifying and articulating the client’s requirements in a way that can be understood by the development team and the business. I also support the development and delivery of the requirements.

What initially attracted me to working at Wunderman Thompson Commerce was the location! I can walk to work so it is absolutely perfect. I also love the way that I can be given room to work in a way that is best for me and best for getting the job done – no micro-management. I love how people are open to new ideas and I like the fact that I can move between accounts without having to leave the company when I am in need of a change. At Wunderman Thompson Commerce I get a buzz out of delivering large, complex and challenging projects successfully where others have struggled and having fun and making great friends along the way.

My 21st-century problem is the ocean of uninvited media thrown at me. If I could have a super-power is would be to have an unlimited amount of energy and never need to sleep much – just like the pill in the film ‘Limitless’.

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